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Opinions from Geauga County conservatives

Supporting Skip Claypool & Bernie Moreno
My fellow citizens of Geauga County, I have lived here for the past 7 years and have grown to love my community and what it represents. Over the past few years I have noticed the change in beliefs and how certain officials have their interests first and not what is best for our county/country. Since the election of 2020 I believe we have been awakened to the corruption and deceit of our public officers and the need now to be educated and informed on who we support and elect. We must support those who hold the values we need to move forward and protect what is important to our faith. Just because they have a (R) or (D) should not be the only factor in deciding who to vote for.

I do not hold anything personal against any fellow Republican and would not speak ill against them. I’m sure they are good people, but they do not have the interests of the people of Geauga or the leadership that is necessary to turn things around.

With this said I am endorsing Skip Claypool for Commissioner. He has the experience and knowledge to lead us back to keeping Geauga a sovereign county and maintaining the culture of Geauga. Skip has the experience and the heart of the best interests of Geauga to maintain our culture and values. The leadership in Geauga needs to be changed and brought back to “we the people”. So called Republicans who were former Democrats need to know that we uphold our county values, beliefs and culture and we do not want it to change.

Please join me and my fellow constituents in voting for Skip Claypool, and Bernie Moreno.

Thank you,
Dyanne Giammaria

In Support of Skip Claypool
Geauga County is facing tough challenges coming from both local, state, and global pressure. Our county sovereignty and rural way of life that makes us one of the most sought after places to live and raise a family is under attack. When it comes to politics, it seems more politicians have become pros at the “shell game” of separating We The People from our hear earned assets. In fact, it’s getting down to serious business.

When it comes to politics, we’ve all heard the promises and platitudes before but now we need to separate the political grifters (those who think we work for them) from the true servants (those who know what it means to work for We The People).

It is rare to find a candidate who isn’t “playing politics” but who truly cares and is willing to fight to do the right thing for We The People. As I hear many folks expressing, “It’s time for the adults to enter the room and get back to serving the people’s business.”

Enter Skip Claypool, simply the best choice for County Commissioner. He’s a consistent conservative, has prior direct experience as Commissioner, a long-time resident, a successful businessman (no grifting here), and has the most in-depth knowledge of the issues we are facing. Our world is changing fast and we need Skip’s experience and capability of working out the solutions that best serve We The People. We need to move forward with positive results!

As Commissioner, Skip Claypool will roll up his sleeves and maybe even ruffle a few feathers, but he will do what it takes to get the job done.

While he and his lovely wife, Pam, could be enjoying a well deserved retirement, he knows what’s at stake for our country and is willing to make the sacrifice and get back in the ring for all of us. I think he deserves our support in return!

I wholeheartedly endorse Skip Claypool for Geauga County Commissioner.

Heather Copper
GOP Central Committee, Russell B

Outside Forces Attempting to Influence Redistricting
Dear Ranking Member, Co-Chair, Redistricting Commission, et al.:
Thank you for hosting community meetings to facilitate discussion on Political Maps & Redistricting. I was fortunate to learn of yesterday’s Geauga County meeting and, although last minute, was able to join you at the 5:30 session. Although tempted to speak in support of your work, without adequate preparation my comments might have proven unclear or might be misconstrued, so I write instead.

A critical, key element that appears to be missing from discussion is any undue, outside political interference in this process. Redistricting is, in and of itself, highly contentious and inherently political. Talk of being “fair and balanced” is, I suggest, misapplied to this endeavor. It should be generally known that the drawing of political maps is inherently political, but perhaps it isn’t. When we add outside figures like Mr. Eric Holder who is an outspoken advocate of far-Left objectives who seems to be keenly focused on Ohio’s maps, and add “law-fare” tactics, the process becomes even more suspect and animus than normal. This is the circumstance that led most directly to the series of legal battles related to each and every proposed map, I suspect.

It appears to be generally understood that an influence campaign is underway Ohio, conducted by outside agitators (in general represented by Mr. Holder), and teams of lawyers who I believe have vowed to apply any and all manner of political force and money in order to achieve Left-leaning Ohio political maps. This endeavor, well underway, is generally being referred to as “sue ’til it’s blue” (a reference to challenging each and every proposed map, forcing each successive new map to be ever-more generous to the “blue” Left. I’ll leave it to this body to correct any elements of my comments that may be incorrect.

Assuming the above to be generally true, and understanding that in several high-profile ways, the political Left have heavily influenced Ohio politics – from the selection of Ohio’s Speaker of the House to the cross-over vote that put Mike DeWine in the Governor’s Office – We The (Conservative/Republican) People of Ohio are generally under-represented and understand full well the long-term implications of political maps that lean Left, which is the stated objective of Mr. Holder. Any such resulting maps would allow for further migration away from all that we hold dear (namely, traditional American values, Freedom, & Liberty). For this reason, and in spite of whatever vitriol might result, we Conservative Republicans advocate for moves against any/all such efforts.

Generally, the political Right and Left are not equal, as the funding and resources represented by Mr. Holder and his backers illustrate. However, I do feel certain that average Ohio citizens are paying attention to politics in far greater numbers than at any other time in my lifetime. This may yet provide adequate counter-measure to the money and influence generally enjoyed by the political Left.

The Left have a (I believe publicly stated) objective of achieving Left-leaning political maps. If successful, it would mean more money, control, and power with a proportional loss of Liberty & Personal Freedom for citizens. Some on the Right might argue for Right-leaning maps, arguing that such maps might help correct for an imbalanced system that favors the Left. It seems likely that the actual end result will eventually make nobody happy. Perhaps that’s the best possible outcome.

More likely, I anticipate that the push Left (represented by Mr. Holder) will pause, due to recent changes in Ohio’s Judiciary. For the moment Ohio’s bench is less friendly to Left-leaning objectives than in the past. I consider this a victory for We The People. It suggests that continued “law-fare” might work against the interests of the Left. This indicates a greater likelihood of either a do-nothing strategy, letting the existing pushes from the Left linger in the maps for the foreseeable future, or (less likely) the Right capitalizes on the current circumstances to push for something more favorable to the political Right. One side in this argument seems ever-prepared to go on Offense, striking incessantly at every opportunity to further an agenda, while the other most often does little or nothing in response. We’ll see when/if opponents of “sue till it’s blue” respond with anything inspirational.

As a Republican Party Central Committeeman, I will be encouraging all of my contemporaries to keep a close eye on money, influence, and to take a least a defensive stance relative to all such maps.

Thank you for all you’re doing,
Jonathan R. Broadbent
Geauga Republican Central Committee Member, Newbury Precinct A

Harmful School Board Policies? We’re Complicit Until We’re Not
Do you remember who you voted for in the last few school board elections in your district?  I have to ask: can you remember if you even voted in those elections? 

Think back for a moment to 2017, 2019, 2021.  Even though no one expected it (at least prior to 2020), the people who were elected to local school boards in those races have had an enormous impact on the generation of school children who lived through those years – a far greater impact, I would argue, than any school boards in my lifetime. The policies that entered school districts in the wake of Covid-19 and the death of George Floyd have had monumental effects on our kids:

– The physically, emotionally, educationally, and intellectually harmful masking that we now know was nothing more than politically-motivated superstition;
– Bizarre and unscientific quarantine rules that kept healthy kids from attending school;
– Socially, educationally, and psychologically crippling distancing protocols that served only to make children withdrawn and fearful of normal interaction;
– In many communities, divisive, neo-racist programs that used valuable resources to antagonize, demoralize, and divide children, rather than support and nurture them into successful students;
– In literally every public district, a further degrading of the line between what is family business and what is school business.

Many children have still not recovered academically, socially, and psychologically from those disastrous policies. 

Looking at the decisions your school board has made in the last handful of years, do you ever wish you could go back and take a fresh look at those races – to weed out the board members who were content to muzzle and abuse your children out of fear, ignorance, pressure they should have resisted, or who knows what motive? What if we could identify and block those who mock and ignore parental rights, who approve (or just don’t pay attention to) intrusive, inappropriate pseudo-therapy programs and political indoctrination dressed up as “transformative social emotional learning”?

Now think ahead.  Doesn’t it seem like new and shocking developments are arriving on the scene at an accelerated pace?  It seems like every month brings revelations of new cultural and political indoctrination, new depths of intrusive and sometimes inappropriate content in schools, new waves of conflict in communities about how teachers and school districts conduct themselves.

Make no mistake: more harmful policies are on the horizon, most likely wrapped in excuses about some “emergency” or other. Under the direction of the candidates who are running right now, more staff members will be hired, more money will be accepted with federal or state “strings” attached that direct the political and social indoctrination of our children. More administrators will be interviewed and hired who may or may not have a healthy and appropriate view of parental rights. More programs, initiatives, surveys, and curriculums will be administered, (often intrusive, inappropriate, and politically-motivated).

More of your tax money will be given by the school board to outside groups, like the OSBA (Ohio School Board Association – the state chapter of the National School Board Association, which pressured the Department of Justice to classify concerned parents as “Domestic Terrorists”), professional organizations, diversity “experts”, and teacher’s unions (who lobbied for more and longer closures and restrictions), who in turn give money to political parties and affiliates who may be working against your rights to direct the upbringing of your children as you see fit.

The worst part is: when it comes to terrible school board policies and expenditures, we are all complicit – until we’re not.

You have a chance right now to decide who will be in charge of those decisions and policies.  Our next election is in less than two months.  Over the next seven weeks, school board candidates will be appearing at events, setting up websites and social media groups, and canvassing in your neighborhood.  Make it a point to meet with them, look over their materials, ask tough (and open-ended) questions:

– What does “Parents’ Rights” mean to you?
– What do you think about how our district handled COVID protocol?
– Who should make decisions about students’ health and medical interventions?
– What is the proper relationship between the school board and the Superintendent?
– What is your policy on political expression and discrimination in the school? Who will be responsible for enforcing this policy and how?
– How should security officers in our schools be vetted and by whom? Who is responsible for their conduct?
– Why do you think expenditures and administrative staffing have increased so much, yet academic proficiency is going down? How do you plan to remedy this?
– Describe your view on appropriate and inappropriate classroom and library materials. What practical steps will you enact regarding age-appropriate materials?
– What is your plan to make curriculum and materials accessible to parents (including proprietary materials from outside agencies and firms)?
– What do you think our district’s policy should be regarding same-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and accommodations for school trips, including athletics?

When you find candidates you think would do a good job serving your district and handling the next wave of crises and events, please spread the word to others in your district, donate to candidates, sign up for their events, help them canvass or make calls.  It’s never been more obvious how crucial these school board seats are.  Please make sure you do all you can to investigate the candidates and support the ones you believe in. 

Check out the Geauga Schools section of our website for information on local districts and the candidates running.

Tiffanie Broadbent
President, Fortify Geauga

Beware “Reproductive Freedom” Ballot Initiative
There are many nice looking, pleasant people all over asking registered voters to sign their ballot initiative for what they call “Reproductive Freedom”.  I had one of these people come up to me for a signature. They politely made the above statement about “reproductive freedom” and a statement like “this initiative is only to get this on the ballot”.  I declined to sign, and many people were signing. 

PLEASE make sure you understand what this initiative is all about so you can have informed consent about what you are being asked to sign. 

Below are the items that this amendment would allow:
1. It would make abortion a fundamental right, sweeping away all current laws to protect babies from abortion.
2. It would allow kids to have abortions without parental consent.
3. It would provide legal protection for those who coerce girls into abortion.
4. It uses vague language that would open the door to children pursuing other procedures, like sex-change surgeries, without parental consent.

Don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself at https://www.ohioattorneygeneral.g

Sharon Madger
Candidate for Chardon City School Board

Time to Rethink “Representative Government”
Think for a minute about what you love about America. What is it that stirs in you when you listen to the Star Spangled Banner or see the flag whipping proudly on a windy day? It’s interesting to think back to how those impressions were formed when we were kids – reciting the pledge at school, celebrating Flag Day, attending parades and fireworks on the Fourth of July, placing wreaths and flags on Memorial Day, memorizing the Gettysburg Address or parts of our founding documents. Some of us were lucky enough to have service members in our family who shared the stories of their sacrifice. Most of us are dismayed to see many of these traditions and celebrations evaporating for current generations.

What do you think of when you hear, “Representative Government”? For many, thoughts go first to voting for President or US Senate or House. But few people think about the most local of local representatives: our county governments, school boards, local governing boards, city and township governments, and our county party committees. The people in these positions make the decisions that affect our lives at the most intimate level. Yet most of us spend the smallest amount of our “political appetite” thinking about those people and the decisions they make. The antics and foibles of celebrity-status national politicians consume us and tie up our energy while the local and state issues that affect us most are often largely ignored.

Here at Fortify Geauga, we are passionate about connecting citizens with their local representatives. We see the frustration being expressed at board meetings and on social media. We feel the concern and dismay that come when we see how far our country has fallen from our original ideals. What we don’t see is much understanding of the one place where citizens’ concerns and values should be most directly heeded, valued, and amplified into policy: our county party Central Committee.

Over the next several months, we will be working hard to connect our Geauga County neighbors with their Geauga GOP Central Committee representatives, and to educate all of us on the purpose and possibilities of Central Committee. We want to help reshape what you think when you hear “Representative Government”. (To learn more about Central Committees, read How in the World Did this Guy Get Elected?)

We’re planning Geauga County events to help you connect with your representatives, education sessions to make sure our Central Committee members have all the tools they need to serve you, and a series of articles and resources on our website to help. Good things are coming and we can’t wait to share them with you.  Stay tuned.

Click here to look up your Geauga County GOP Central Committee Representative. A few have even uploaded their contact information and messages to their constituents. If you are a Central Committee representative, please email your preferred contact information and other materials to and we will gladly post it.

Tiffanie Broadbent
President, Fortify Geauga

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