Newsletter 6/19/24

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Fortify Geauga Newsletter

June 19, 2024

Hello, Friends,

Welcome to a brand new week.  This is the Fortify Geauga Newsletter for June 19, 2024.

Have you been approached to sign a petition about “Gerrymandering”?  Beware!  The nice-sounding phrases like “fair districts” and “people over politicians” are not what they seem.  Democrats and left-leaning organizations like the League of Women Voters are collecting signatures on a petition to put an outlandishly complicated and corruptible system for redistricting into our Constitution.  Matt Urbas of Ohio Political Action spelled out the details on the Buckeye Patriot Podcast last week.  Watch here.  Look past the marketing and see what this amendment would actually do and why it’s a very bad deal for Ohio.  

More Geauga GOP Shenanigans:  The elections coming up in November for President and Senate will have monumental consequences for Ohioans. But here in Geauga County, our Republican Party is poised to roll into election season with the same feckless, lack-luster, top-down approach that got us unrestricted abortion in our state Constitution and legalization of recreational marijuana.  With no headquarters, low morale, infrequent, poorly attended meetings, no appetite for constituent engagement, and an utter lack of transparency, it seems our party is planning to fail.  It’s clear we need new leadership to get our county party on track.  Read about the latest round of GOP fizzle in Planning to Fail:  More Geauga County GOP Shenanigans.

Zoning rights:  Our county is mobilizing to fight state takeover of Township zoning authority.  If you would like to join us in this fight, please send us an email at or fill out our Call to Action form.  We will be meeting for a Pizza Potluck on Monday, June 24th to organize our efforts.  There is a job for everyone who wants to be involved!  We will make alternate arrangements for anyone who would like to help but is unable to attend our training on the 24th.

If you are unfamiliar with the zoning issue, please read our post, Local Senator: Act NOW to Preserve Township Zoning Rights and be sure to click on the interview in 

the post with local Zoning Inspector, Chris Alusheff.

Budget Commission Petition:  Ohio law allows for each county to add two citizen members to their County Budget Commission.  We would like to do that for Geauga County.  The first step is to circulate a petition to put the issue on the November ballot.  Read our post on the petition effort for more information.

As always, thank you for spending a few moments with us.  Have a wonderful week. 

Weekly Spotlight:  Save the Date!  Monday, June 24th – Fortify Geauga Citizen Training to Help us Save our Townships

Monday, June 24th, 6:30pm.  The Ohio Senate is moving to take away zoning authority from all Ohio townships, replacing our zoning regulations with a one-size fits-all plan designed to benefit high-density housing development.  Fortify Geauga is mobilizing to stop this threat.  If you are interested in helping us alert Geauga County residents to this threat to our Townships, please fill out our Call to Action form or send us an email at  We will give you all the information, training, and materials you need.

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The elections coming up in November for President and Senate will have monumental consequences for Ohioans. Closer to home, we are facing state takeover of township zoning rights, constant pressure of large-scale, anti-rural development, a crisis of property taxes …

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Ohio House Bill 245, a bill “To amend sections 2907.39 and 4301.25 of the Revised Code to prohibit adult cabaret performances in locations other than adult cabarets” is going to the floor! In short, this keeps pedophile drag queens away from kids. It’s literally what we’ve been working for for years!

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There was an important and lively meeting of the Geauga County Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 14th.  The main topic of the meeting, which drew an audience of a few dozen residents, was to discuss recent threats to township zoning authority coming from the Ohio Senate.  Senator Sandra O’Brien (R-32) was in attendance…

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Did you know there is an elected representative in our County GOP who is supposed to be representing you in the Republican party? There are 78 voting precincts in our county and every one of them has a GOP Central Committee representative who is elected by the people…

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Local residents are circulating a petition to add a referendum to the ballot in the next general election (November 2024). It would read “Shall the county budget commission consist of two additional members to be elected from the county?” This petition does not name who …

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